Archaeological survey Landsortsfarleden -project, December 2018

Archaeological survey at Vesilahti Pyhäjärvi and Naarvanjoki fairway, December 2018

Archaeological interpretation of SSS data on Eastern Light cabel route -project, November 2018

Archaeological excavation at Savitaipale Kammarlahti, Lost Inland Landscapes -project, November 2018

Archaeological survey between Fjällbacka och Kämpersvik, November 2018

Archaeological test excavation and dating wreck Näsijärvi 2137, Nobember 2018

Archaeological survey at Bjuröklubb, September 2018

Archaeological survey at Helsinki Vuosaarenselkä, September 2018

Archaeological survey at Ostlänken -project, Vårdsbergsriver, August 2018

Archaeological survey at Motala, August 2018

Archaeological survey outside of Sandby Borg, Öland, June 2018

Archaeological survey at Pirkkala Pereensaari harbor -project, June 2018

Archaeological survey at Sigtunafjärden, June 2018

Archaeological survey at Kotka Juha Vainionkatu -project, May 2018

Side scan sonar survey outside Lövsta, May 2018

Archaeological survey at Smådalarö, May 2018

Restoring wreck timber to the site at Samsbådarna, Karlshamn, April 2018

Archaeological survey at Helsinki Pajalahti harbor, January 2018

Kokkola harbor marine archaeological survey, January 2018

Karlshamn wreck inspection and dating, November 2017

Norrköping marine archaeological survey, November 2017

Tampere Mustalahti and Onkiniemi marine archaeological research, September 2017

Tammisaari Södra Viken marine archaeological research, September 2017

Helsinki Pitkäsilta marine archaeological research, September 2017

Olavinlinna castle archaeological research on land, September 2017

Landsortsfarleden marine archaeological survey, July 2017

Sulkava Vekaransalmi marine archaeological survey, June 2017

Karlshamn dock yard marine archaeological survey, June 2017

Karlshamn wreck inspections, June 2017

Olavinlinna castle marine archaeological survey, June 2017

Karlskrona wreck inspections, June 2017

Gårdskär wreck find inspection, June 2017

Kuopio Maljalahti marine archaeological survey, May 2017

Beckomberga-Bredäng cable corridor field work, May 2017

Uppsala wreck inspection, May 2017

Laukko manor marine archaeological survey, April 2017

Underwater research at prehistoric settlements at Puruvesi Raikuu and Ruokkee area in Eastern Finland, April 2017

Beckomberga-Bredäng SSS data survey, January 2017

Rauma dock archaeological survey, December 2016

Sastamala Pororanta archaeological survey, November 2016

Kuhmo archaeological survey, November 2016​

Vaasa Fiskstrand archaeological survey, September 2016

Tampere Eteläpuisto archaeological survey, September 2016


Helsinki Kruunusillat -project archaeological survey, August 2016

Espoo Nuottaniemi harbour depth survey, July 2016


Sipoo Kaunissaari archaeological survey, May 2016

Helsinki Koivusaari archaeological survey, May 2016

Helsinki Kruunusillat -project archaeological survey, June 2016

Hamina Summa pipeline survey, April 2016

Lake Puruvesi underwater Stone Age settlement survey, 2015-2016, Pintafilmi Oy.


Tampere Pyhäjärvi archaeological survey, December 2015


Vesilahti Laukko archaeological survey, November 2015


Raasepori Mustio archaeological survey, November 2015


Vaasa Mansikkasaari archaeological survey, October 2015


Helsinki Isosaari archaeological survey, September 2015


Helsinki Santahamina-Isosaari archaeological survey, September 2015


Tampere Hiedanranta archaeological survey, September 2015


Tahkoluoto wind park archaeological survey, August 2015


Ahvenanmaa Föglö multibeam data survey, August 2015


Olavinlinna castle underwater photographing, June 2015


Helsinki Kruunusillat -project archaeological survey, June 2015


Parainen-Korppoo archaeological survey for cable line, May 2015


Kymijoki watershed fairway survey, June-December 2015


Oulu Pateniemi archaeological survey, February 2015


Savonlinna Olavinlinna archaeological survey, December 2014


Ahvenanmaa Föglö multibeam data survey, November 2014


Taipalsaari Pappilanniemi archaeological survey, October 2014


Pori Mäntyluoto-Tahkoluoto gas pipeline archaeological survey, September 2014


Parainen Berghamn fairway archaeological survey, August 2014


Helsinki Kruunusillat -project archaeological survey, July 2014


Helsinki Finnoonsatama archaeological survey, July2014


Tampere Näsijärvi gas pipeline archaeological survey, January 2014, June 2014 and November 2013


Sievi Vääräjoki archaeological survey, October 2013


Porvoo-Tolkkinen fairway archaeological survey, September 2013


Kotka Kuutsalo fairway archaeological survey, September 2013


Underwater cultural heritage photo exhibition: From Barges to Timber Rafts 2012-2014


Archaeological excavations at Viking Age harbour in Birka Sweden, July-August 2012-2014


Drop-video camera documentation in Selkämeri, July 2012


Inspection dives and underwater documentation in Suomenlinna area, 2010-2012


Organizing GEOHAB-seminar payments and registration, September 2011


Inspection dives and underwater documentation Hanasaari harbour and Suomenlinna main dock, autumn 2011


Exhibition of underwater cultural heritage in Suomenlinna, documentation and video editing, spring 2011