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Nordic Maritime Group is a new company providing a variety of maritime solutions within the fields of sea floor mapping, marine archaeology, marine geology and underwater cultural heritage management. Our team members have a vast experience in marine surveying, marine archaeology, marine geology, commercial diving and uses innovative techniques to provide services to support developers and heritage planners.

Our services are available all across all the Baltic but we consider Finland and Sweden to be our main arena. We have offices in both Finland and Sweden and we can provide reports in Finnish, Swedish and English. To find out how we could help to make your project a success, please view our services or contact us.

Eveliina Salo
Marine archaeologist
"first name" (at)

Marine archaeologist Eve is responsible for archive research and project reports in Finland. In the field she works as diver and as lighting assistant for the photographer. Eve has a Master's degree in archaeology and is a certified research diver with Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD) education.

Jens Lindström
Marine archaeologist
"first name" (at)
+46 76‐049 32 57

Marine archaeologist Jens is responsible for planning and reporting archaeological research in Sweden. In the field he is a diver and specialises in GIS and photogrammetry. Jens has a bachelor's degree in archaeology. With a background as a military diver Jens holds an A-40 commercial diver/dive leader license.

Maija Huttunen
Marine geologist
"first name" (at)
+358 44 374 6363

Marine geologist Maija specialises in acoustic soundings and underwater photography. She is technician in projects and is responsible for geological research as well as mapping and image processing. Maija has a Master's degree in geology and is a certified research diver with Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD) education.

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