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Ice Diving Course at Hailuoto Finland 5-11.3.2018

Ice Diving Course is cancelled due the lack of interest!

If you are still interested about the course, do not hesitate to contact either Jouni Leinikki from Alleco Ltd. or Maija Huttunen from NMG Ltd.

(Contact info below)

Ice- and Pack Ice Techniques for Professional Scientific Diving

Time: March 5th–11th, 2018
Place: Hailuoto, Finland
Target group: Mainly scientific divers, but also other interested divers with drysuit experience and at least

CMAS P2 (**) certificate or equivalent.

Number of participants: 12

Course fee: 3.500 €, including VAT, tuition, air fills, accommodation,meals, transportation from Oulu Airport and back, daily use of sauna.

Minimum Prerequisites:
• CMAS P2 (**), PADI RD or equivalent
• A valid medical certificate for recreational diving
• Insurance cover for professional scientific diving (i.e. DAN)
• Professional diving skills & buoyancy control with a dry suit

The course aims at giving adequate skills to plan, lead and conduct professional scientific diving in challenging winter conditions. The course will also give an introduction to under-ice-research, including the practice of some sampling techniques and methods. The course will be held in English.

During the course you will learn safe and efficient means to conducts safe scientific dives in freezing conditions, including the transportation, equipment handling and service, dive site setup and safety measures. You will also learn how to keep yourself warm, on top, and under the ice, and what every personal diving kit should include.

The course will proceed in small steps to ensure a secure and
comfortable learning process. After the course, all participants will have the necessary and safe skills in:

• Required equipment checks, service and maintenance
• Preparation of an on-ice scientific diving survey site, including diving holes and shelter
• Transportation of divers and diving gear with a snowmobile
• Safety procedures for diving in pack ice
• Search and rescue of a lost diver under pack ice
• Maintaining diving operations in arctic surface conditions
such as freezing conditions, wind and blizzard
• Scientific data collection and sampling below pack ice

After completing the course successfully, you will obtain a diploma with a description of the course contents.

The Location:
Marjaniemi in Hailuoto is a picturesque harbor with a hotel, which today occupies the former premises of the Oulu University Bothian Bay Reseach Station and Marjaniemi pilot station. The location is perfect for finding pressure ridges of pack ice close to the shore.

Diving equipment:
All participants must bring their own diving gear, including a dry suit and sufficient undergarments for diving in 0-centigrade water. All personal equipment should be serviced and tested in advance. Furher instructions regarding necessary personal equipment will be sent after the course has been confirmed.

Heavy items, such as tanks and weights are available free of charge through organizers in Finland upon advance notice (excl. AGA Air / Interspiro MK II). Air fills are included in the course fee. The dives conducted in the course will mostly likely be less than 10 meters deep. Thus, nitrox is neither
needed nor available.

About the Organizers:

Nordic Maritime Group Ltd
Nordic Maritime Group is a company providing a variety of maritime solutions within the fields of seafloor mapping, marine archaeology, marine geology and underwater cultural heritage management.


Our team members have a vast experience in marine surveying, marine archaeology, marine geology, commercial diving and uses innovative techniques to provide services to support developers and heritage planners.

Alleco Ltd
Marine biologist and limnological research company Alleco Ltd was in charge of the Finnish professional scientific diver training from 1995 to 2009. Today we consult internationally other organizations on scientific diving education and run specialist courses.

Head instructor Jouni Leinikki has taught underwater working to biologists and archaeologists since 1983, and is an active member of the Finnish Scientific Diving Steering Association and the European Scientific Diving Panel community.

How to apply:

Send an e-mail to with your:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Phone number (pref. mobile)
• E-mail address
• Copy of your diving certificate, insurance card or certificate and a copy of your medical certificate
• Possible request for renting ranks/weights

The participants will be chosen in the time order of receiving the applications. The deadline for all applications is January 5th 2018. After their applications all applicants are required to make a 1.000 eur deposit, which will be refunded if the course is cancelled. The whole course fee shall be paid before the course starts.

The organizers reverse the right to cancel the course, if there are less than 12 valid applicants. All applicants will be informed whether the course will be held, straight after the last application date. After the course has been confirmed, all accepted applicant will receive written instructions for the course.

For more information, contact
Jouni Leinikki, p. +358 45 679 0300 (
Maija Huttunen p. +350 44 374 6363 (

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